Warminster Conservative Branch

Message from the Chairman
Have you ever thought of how the Town Council looks after the wellbeing of Warminster ?
Have you ever disagreed in what’s been done or better still applauded it’s independence and bold approach to looking after our Community ?

This year’s 2021 May elections will not only cover the Wiltshire County, but also looking for 13 Town Councillors. The Town is now growing into a sizeable business, with a turnover of £1.3m, and increasingly requiring sound and professional guidance from its Councillors.
We are enthusiastically moving the Town forward with more of the Community services, such as the Town Park and road sweeping, being managed directly from the Town’s Civic Centre with our own labour force.
We need help to make Warminster even better and more successful. Are you Interested ?
If you would like to know more then please contact:
Tony Nicklin who is the Chairman of the Warminster Conservative Branch:
on 01985 847293, to discuss how you can help mould the future of Warminster.